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Outsourcing success for personal brands

Updated: May 2

If you are your brand, outsourcing the writing can be tricky because only you write like you. Here's how to make it work.

A marketing consultant called me looking for a copywriter to help her client with a new sales page. The client was reluctant. She was her brand, and the way she spoke was her brand voice. "I've worked with copywriters in the past, and they just don't sound like me," she told me.

It's a big ask for a stranger to pick up your style and manner of speaking. But all isn't lost. If you're a copywriter, here are five ways to make it work. If you're looking for a copywriter, here's how to help a copywriter nail it.

Working with a copywriter is a group effort if you are your brand.

5 things you can do to nail the tone and voice (TOV).

1. Start with this multiple-choice question

In my new project brief, I ask clients to pick which sentence best represents their speaking style. It's an easy way to quickly determine whether they're leaning casual or formal.

Which sentence sounds like you/your business?

  1. We will provide the best service to our valued customers.

  2. Our promise is exceptional customer experience.

  3. We’ll make sure you’re happy.

  4. We’re going to knock your socks off!

  5. You’ll think our service is pretty damn great.

2. Talk, listen, record

Record your conversation. As copywriters, we take notes and think about how to structure the project. Go back and listen to the call by recording the conversation. The second time, note word choice, style and personality. 

By mimicking the words used naturally, your content will reflect it when written.

3. Create a skeleton draft

Create the structure and flow for the reader (think outline). Let this be the first step and then inject the personality in the next revision.

4. Edit as a team

Work together and be open to feedback. If you would never use a particular word, delete it. If the flow is hard to follow, yield to your copywriting expert.

5. Read aloud

Read the content out loud and inject your personality as if you're talking to an audience of new clients. If it doesn't sound like you, go back to #4.

Embrace the process.

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