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About Jody Carey


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Content writing expert

If your marketing efforts need words, you need a content writer. And not just any writer.


As an experienced marketer, I know how to structure a website, develop a video storyboard and design the strategy behind your content with your marketing plan as a guide.


When you need room to breathe

You're busy, and trying to write with so many distractions is like throwing spaghetti on the wall. Something might stick. But do you really want to leave it up to chance?


I write content every day with the luxury of working without distractions. 

Feed your content-hungry audience 

We're in the middle of a sales revolution. Customers are hungry for content and look to experts to help them solve a problem. They want personal stories, not a hard sales pitch. 

Content that leads to action

I'll make sure your content leads to action. That could look like a new member, more donors, increased attendance or new sales. Content takes time, but the rewards are worth it!



My point of difference

I specialize in SEO content writing. From UX-friendly websites to keyword-rich articles, SEO expertise makes all the difference. 


I've worked with global brands and small businesses in both hemispheres. I understand audiences in Australia and the United States and how to localize (localise) content to match the intended audience.


Do our values align?



Prioritizing people over profits because people are awesome and being kind feels incredible.



Creating sustainable change and making the world better one neighborhood at a time. 

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Considering our impact foremost, so we offer products and services for the greater good. 

My superpowers

You'll get more than words. I'm a project manager extraordinaire, research diva and no-fuss interviewer. 

A decade of content writing. 

It started in Australia.
Cloud Concepts owner, Ollie Brooke asked me to have coffee. (I almost didn't go.) He needed someone with marketing experience to write the words for the websites he developed for clients. "Sure," I said.  And a business formed.

Joined the Clever Copywriting Community.
Australian-based Kate Toon created a community of copywriters that connected me with other copywriters and freelance marketers. 

New Service: SEO Writing
Website writing isn't effective without a solid grasp of search engine optimization (SEO). I took a 6-month intensive online course through The Recipe for SEO for Success. 

My first subcontractor. 
As business picked up, I hired an outside proofreader and editor to streamline the workflow, which added incredible value to the final product I offered clients. 

First Global Client: Go Daddy
Go Daddy found me through an Australian writer directory and needed an Australian- based content writer to write educational articles for small business clients. I wrote for them for over 3 years. 

New Agency Client: Engage.
Engage is a content agency in Australia with heavy-hitting brands from Adobe and Paypal to startups like Grab in SE Asia and Sendle in Australia. 

New Fractional Client : Schneider Electric (Global Fortune 500)
Through my LinkedIn network, I was recruited to cover a 7-month maternity leave and work full-time in sales enablement for a French multinational company specializing in digital automation and energy technology. 

Back across the pond.
I left Australia and moved back to Minnesota. I continue to work with clients in both countries. 
New expertise: Generative AI
Businesses asked me to share my experience with using  AI tools in the marketing space. 

A bigger team. 
I've expanded my network of subcontractors to include  web designers, web developers, graphic designers, SEO specialists and videographers, 

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Outsourceable projects 

  • Website (new or refresh)

  • Thought leadership articles

  • SEO articles

  • Pitch decks

  • Landing pages

  • Case studies

  • Gated content

The art of writing to sell

Modern copywriters and content writers threw away over-punctuating, big fancy words and long sentences decades ago. There's no reason to overcomplicate things when you have something important to say. ​​


As marketing writers, we know the rules, so we can break the rules. We love to start sentences with and, but, because. Why?


Because that's how we speak. You don't need fancy prose, you need plain English that's easy to digest, straightforward and unpretentious. You need someone who writes elegant content.


Minneapolis + Australia

I'm a Minnesota girl to the core with a strong work ethic who gets giddy at the first snowfall.


I'm equally in love with the unspoiled Australian beaches and shop-local sensibility.


In 2014, my husband and I sold everything, packed up our kids and dog for a working holiday north of Sydney in a beautiful town called Port Macquarie.


After eight glorious beach-filled years with koalas and kangaroos in our backyard, it was time to leave our summer home and return to our winter home.


Straddling both hemispheres, I’m proud to be an American-Australian bringing the best of both countries to my copywriting and strategy expertise. 


When I'm not typing away at my computer, you'll find me hiking, snowshoeing or watching docos with my boys (who are most likely watching something else on their phones). 

Creating content around the globe

Let me do the heavy lifting. 

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Your marketing team needs help!

Creating valuable content to support your marketing strategy is simple in concept. It's the execution that is a huge mountain to climb.


Writing takes time and, frankly, a pain in the arse when you have a thousand marketing tasks on your list. 

Like a moody teenager, content needs structure and attention. Content is your sales force that doesn't sleep – with an impressive ROI when done well.

Let's see if we're a good fit. 

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