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Five podcasts for writing inspiration

Updated: May 2

This year, I've added new podcasts to my collection. Binge listening as we all do these days every moment I can.

These are my top five pods, what they cover and why I like them.

The How To Do Marketing Show

Jane Hillsdon is an accomplished Australian marketer who wants to help small-town business owners thrive. She lays out an action plan in her book How To Do Marketing (also highly recommended). Jane's podcast is a combo of quick tips that are achievable and in-depth interviews with other marketing experts.

Digital Marketing Podcast

I came across this pod a bit by accident and get so many tips and inspiration from the interviews. Daniel and Ciaran have a laid-back approach that I love. They're smart and experienced but don't turn every podcast into an infomercial. They cover topics from SEO to video marketing.

Clever Copy Chats

The newest podcast series by Kate Toon. Kate is a mentor to copywriters across Australia and beyond. I've been a member of her group for over five years and owe my business success to her masterclasses and community. In this podcast, she interviews new copywriters and experienced ones who talk about their writing and business journey. You'll find inspiration in every episode.

Get inspired You may also like Kate's podcast all about SEO Recipe for SEO Success

Work Life

Although it's not a writing or marketing podcast, the topics make you think. There are writing prompts in every episode. Adam Grant is a fantastic interviewer who makes you feel like you're hanging out with friends. His interview with Reese Witherspoon was one of my favs.

The Long Read

When I want to immerse myself in a story for a long car ride or walk, I love the in-depth storytelling from the writers at The Guardian. The topics vary from food and wine to politics and business. Beautifully written and narrated for a healthy dose of current events.

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